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Tatogga: The Staging-center for the Most Challenging and Dangerous High-Volume Kayaking River in the World

Canoes and Kayaks are available for use at Tatogga or for transporting to surrounding lakes and rivers. During evenings lakes are often glass-smooth but winds can quickly develop so people are advised to stay close to shore.

Rivers vary from slow winding streams in valley floors where eagles and moose may be seen, to fast-flowing rivers that can challenge a canoer.

The Stikine River that crosses Highway 37 50 kms (31 miles) north of Tatogga is called the Everest of kayaking rivers because of it's large water volume, 50 kms (30 mls) of challenging rapids, and steep grade, where kayakers need 3 years of dedicated kayaking experience before attempting the run which has claimed 3 lives in 10 years.

"Other rivers are moderately challenging for short distances, but the Stikine taps every bit of your skill and endurance for 50 kilometers in the most challenging and dangerous kayaking trip in the world. No other world river in Alaska, Africa, or Asia comes close to the Stikine's water volume, speed, power, or rapids. Other rivers push you from side to side for a few seconds, but the Stikine slams, cascades, envelopes, and half-swallows you in a continual series of rapids for 8 long hours." (John Wright, Tatogga, 2015)